Monday, 31 January 2011


This is the completed painting of the leopard print shoes ... I've called it 'Head over Heels' as these were the first pair of Irregular Choice shoes I bought ... and ... well ... the title says it all! True showstoppers, these will NEVER be flogged on ebay!

Added a wee bit of gold in this one - not too much bling but just a hint. My fave part is the inside of the heel ... it's white with blue stripes and tiny flowers!

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Haven't had much time on the painting this year so far - day job has been all-consuming!

Managed to get back into it at the end of last week with a few quick sketchbook sessions. This one is a wee test doodle for a 'proper' watercolour painting I had planned - a wee test run if you like. The leopard print + gold shoes (by Irregular Choice of course!) are a bit intimidating with the all-over pattern ... but I quite like it - although a bit cartoony.

I was trying out my new wide nibbed dip pen - which I found difficult to master!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011



Finished Birthday Shoes painting - just needed a hint of pattern on the heel + toe.

I do love these colours!!!

Am now on the lookout for a nice pair of red heels - no sandals - which I can attach a heart to for a Valentines painting/card .... anyone?

Monday, 3 January 2011


OK - I said yesterday there would be a respite from shoes, but it was only a day's respite!
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Here's a charcoal drawing found in the sketchbook from last year - these are the first pair of Irregular Choice shoes I bought ... and kicked off (yeah yeah, pun intended) my IC habit!

I am going to attempt a painting of these very soon - they are gorgeous leopard print shoes with victorian dolly heels, a giant 3D bow on front and finished off with a bit of gold ... over-the-top ... NOOOOOOO ... well perhaps just a tiny wee bit.

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Today am down at our caravan in Lendalfoot and dug out a sketchbook from last year - so thought I'd post a couple of pages from that - a wee respite from shoes!

It's a bit out of focus, have taken this with my phone but will update with a camera shot when I get back home - *Pic now updated with less shaky version*

This one is a watercolour sketch with pen and ink of some irises I had down here last spring ... I do like this one, it reminds me of better weather and bare feet!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

A NEW YEAR - playing

A new year and a new approach! Thought I'd try dabbling this morning with the purple Mini Magics again ... I do like the impact of the purple with the orange velvet lining!

Here's the shoes with the drawing board.

This is more of a shoe sketch - painting is a bit lighter, a bit looser and have used both fineline pen and a calligraphy pen to make it more of an illustration.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!